July 16th

After a strong day of wind the day prior, we were already weary about the 16th, and appropriately so. The dreaded Bura, a regional wind that can cause havoc, picked up that day so we had to cancel our dives. We focused our efforts on land however which gave us an excuse to work on land and clear some stress. More work was done cataloguing on Murter, two full car loads went to the Biograd museum to process finds, and plenty of work was done on the media side of the project as well. We believe that is it crucial for the understanding of this site, and for the field of archaeology in general, for our work to be highly accessible to an array of communities.


One version of the siteplan of the wreck. These have to continually be updated and redrawn as new information becomes available.


Kota and Filipe discussing the 3D siteplan.








Here’s an awesome video from underwater of the wreck provided by Fabe. Enjoy!

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