July 21st: Timbers and Remains All Around, But No Ship in Sight

The 21st was a day of office work, nothing special. Filipe is hard at work trying to decode the structure of the shipwreck, studying analogies and ship building treatises from the era the ship was built. The remains are very puzzling and we are having a hard time identifying the remains in the area that we are excavation. The ship is remarkably well preserved but identifying the area of the ship we’re looking at has proved more difficult than expected. The most popular theories at the present are the remains of a deck with its cargo, the hull and frames, or, the author’s personal favorite, an alien spaceship. We’re seriously considering the final option.

Here are a series of videos that show the progress we have made with the excavation in the past few weeks. These videos are a composite of the 3D modeling work done by Kotaro Yamafune and the photogrammetry done by Jose Casaban and Sebastian Govorcin. Enjoy.

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