July 24th: Probably not a shipwreck

Yup. It’s an alien spaceship. We had our strangest find of the  project so far today. In one of the lower grid squares, a pair of our divers stumbled upon something that was, well, strange! We still have no idea what in the world it is. When they found it, it was broken into a few pieces and very clearly looked metallic. It was a shiny silver color. But when touched it flaked apart into small shards! The pieces were brought up at the end of the dive and, even stranger, when it was brought up it turned out to be red! Some of us think Kryptonite. Needless to say, this is going to need further analysis and is just another part of the mystery of the wreck. Aside from that exciting find, all the divers continued their work around the grid dredging, raising finds, and taking pictures.

Picture 19

The mystery metal in situ


We didn't think we'd need a Geiger counter, but now...

We didn’t think we’d need a Geiger counter, but now…

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