June 21st

Work resumed today at the museum and at Gnalic. Jose continued his photogrammetry work underwater as well. Some of the area uncovered for photos was an area of barrels. Later excavations have revealed to us that there are the remains of as many as 13 barrels in that section of the wreck. Along with Jose’s work, other team members collected items from the wreck like the hundreds of glass beads that we have found. There are a few different types but they are commonly found as blue beads with white stripes or clear beads with white stripes. They are beautiful items and even more amazing when you consider the context of the cargo and what they would have been used for. Other members of the team experimented with ways to raise the very heavy lead ingots. We settled on a technique involving inflating parachutes with air from our tanks to lift the bags of ingots closer to the surface. It worked very well and we have continued to use the technique since.

Chris and Grace hard at work excavating a section of deck

Chris and Grace hard at work excavating a section of deck


This is one of the many barrels we are recovering from the wreck

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