Gnalic Project 2013 / Projekt Gnalić 2013

We didn't think we'd need a Geiger counter, but now... July 24th: Probably not a shipwreck

Yup. It’s an alien spaceship. We had our strangest find of the  project so far today. In one of the lower grid squares, a pair of our divers stumbled upon something that was, well, strange! We still have no idea … Continue reading

July 29th

The heavy focus underwater of the last week has been polishing off the site, cleaning the last of the sediment above some of the timbers, and excavating heavily in the area with the exposed hull. The exposed hull, A15/16 and … Continue reading

July 28th: We’re Back… From 1967.

          Resuming our story on the 28th, we had a day off but were joined by some new members. Four new Germans arrived with Die Tauchbasis to replace those that left and we were graced with … Continue reading

Due to Technical Difficulties

We apologize but no posts will be available for the days of the 25th to the 27th due to damaged equipment.

July 23rd

The directors have decided to change their strategy for excavating slightly for future dives. We are now trenching along the northern section of the ship, where we have the remains of the hull of the ship. We have dug all … Continue reading

Filipe working on the siteplan on the makeshift drafting table July 22nd: Just One, Teenie-Weenie, Tiny, Little, 40 Meter Timber…

Back underwater, Filipe and one of our photographers, Fabe, took pictures of the unexcavated area outside the wreck in an effort to identify any structures that could provide us with clues in the excavation. So far, we’ve only found small … Continue reading

July 21st: Timbers and Remains All Around, But No Ship in Sight

The 21st was a day of office work, nothing special. Filipe is hard at work trying to decode the structure of the shipwreck, studying analogies and ship building treatises from the era the ship was built. The remains are very … Continue reading

University of Zadar, Die Tauchbasis, Texas A&M, and assorted friends. Gnalic 2013 July 19th

The usual work is being done around the site: photogrammetry, ingot and sediment removal, simple dredging and cleaning, mapping concretions. Work continued in the office and at the museum as well. But at lunch, we had the whole team come … Continue reading

The base of a glass goblet. July 18th

The day on the water started with rebuilding our deco stand and replacing the buoy which we had lost. The ship, like the buoy, refuses to give us any clue of its fate or its remains. We have had a … Continue reading

Excellent examples of the windows panes from the wreck. We almost never find complete panes. July 17th: There were almost two wrecks at Gnalic…

We had quite the surprise on arriving to the dive site the morning of the 17th. The first task upon arrival to the site is always the crucial mooring procedure, to ensure that there isn’t a second wreck that needs … Continue reading

g8FDPjmg6YNKJ_kgrDgbFobT6rFR2IPY_3CuSfw-zsI July 16th

After a strong day of wind the day prior, we were already weary about the 16th, and appropriately so. The dreaded Bura, a regional wind that can cause havoc, picked up that day so we had to cancel our dives. … Continue reading

IMG_8285 July 15th

More and more new faces! We had a new group of German divers and Croatian students join our ranks today. The Germans took their first dip in the Adriatic and the project direct Irena put them to work in the … Continue reading

Herbert, the leader of Die Tauchbasis, the german divers who have joined us on our excavation. He was also a member of the 1996 excavation of the Gnalic wreck. July 14th

Today was a day to catch up on office work and give the new group of Germans an orientation! They haven’t gotten down to the site yet but we gave them the old PowerPoint presentation for everyone else. They’re all … Continue reading

IMG_7007 July 13th

Today was again focused on photogrammetry work. It seems like we’re always focused on it but it is a very vital technique for the excavation. It helps us preserve a permanent copy of how the ship looked as it will … Continue reading

IMG_7726 July 12th

With the new focus on raising finds, we have been raising scattered timbers recently. Among them, we have a lot that are colored bright yellow. We aren’t certain what causes the yellow pigmentation but we believe it to be connected … Continue reading

Pre-dive July 11th

The 11th was full of dredge work on the wreck. We are placing a strong focus on revealing as much of the timber as possible. We have a few areas well excavated already but a few others that really need … Continue reading

July 9th

The wind forced us to cancel the second dive of the day unfortunately but we still accomplished plenty of work. Underwater, we are placing a new focus on bringing up finds. We’re at a stage in the sediment clearing where … Continue reading

An alien sight in an alien world. July 10th

Today we had a packed boat but the weather was finally calm enough for good diving! There were some interesting finds, including a segment of a candelabrum and what may be two bottles under the sediment! We performed a total … Continue reading

It was a very photogenic ingot. July 8th: Someone look for a witch, I think we’re in Kansas

          Unfortunately, we were forced to call the dives off for today because of the wind generated by a weeklong storm. The sea was just too rough and too dangerous for diving. Instead, the team focused … Continue reading

"Some days, I wish I was a pretty mermaid, like Ariel..." July 7th

Another day off for most, except the unfortunate few. Some members continued their work with the site plan. The day ended with a PowerPoint presentation for the Germans and other new team members about the history of the wreck, the … Continue reading

Bestfriends for life. July 6th

                  Most of the team took the day off today. Chris, Anya, and Ivana took a trip down to Split to inventory the finds from the 2012 season and Filipe stayed on … Continue reading

A packed boat as usual. Everyone is very eager to head down to the wreck each day. July 4th

The team taking the current and toxicity measurements returned and placed additional instruments on the seabed to gather additional data. The 4th marked the final day of engine troubles that plagued the project for a few days but it was … Continue reading

That's a pretty sweet shirt you have there Mohammed... July 3

Today, our new members, along with an Egyptian who arrived today, joined the excavation. We had to play with the pumps a little make everything function properly but after borrowing the pumps the Germans brought with them, everything went perfectly.

The shop on Murter that we're using as our base of operations. July 1: The Team Grows

Another Croatian, American, and a dive group from Germany joined our group today. Other changes included moving our base to the nearby island Murter and chartering a new ship to dive from. The Germans were given a tour of the … Continue reading

June 28th

More photogrammetry and spring cleaning! Filipe also set to work on tagging the barrels, tallying how many had been uncovered, and observing and tagging each individual barrel stave.

An unidentified concretion during the inventory process. We think it may be one of the nails. June 27th: Camera Shy

Some interesting work was done today by the conservation team on land. They set to work making molds of the concretions that had been brought up. They searched for hollow concretions, filled them with epoxy resin, and then broke the … Continue reading

IMG_2762 June 25th

The dive team’s focus for the day was to clear the surface of the wreck as well as possible for more photogrammetry to be performed. Timbers on the East and West ends of the wreck were cleared off by the … Continue reading

For those of us that still have a passion for diving, these kind of pictures are beautiful June 24th

The focus of the day’s work was sadly not on the wreck itself but working with the items and data that had been brought up. There was plenty that needed to be processed. Many team members worked on cleaning and … Continue reading

Enjoying some fine cuisine June 23rd: All work and no play…

Regatta day! The team had the day off today and we enjoyed participating in the local sailing regatta. Among the archaeological finds of the day were plenty of wine, seafood, risotto, and some homemade cheesecake!        

A piece of some of the intricate glass work from the wreck. This used to be a glass goblet! June 22nd

Since the museum was closed today, the team stayed together and focused their full force on excavating. Since all four dredges had been put into place, everyone joined in on the fun and started digging. Most of the finds today … Continue reading

Chris and Grace hard at work excavating a section of deck June 21st

Work resumed today at the museum and at Gnalic. Jose continued his photogrammetry work underwater as well. Some of the area uncovered for photos was an area of barrels. Later excavations have revealed to us that there are the remains … Continue reading

"Wonderful! Just Wonderful!" June 20th: Plitvice Lakes and the Croatian Historical Museum

The 20th marked an important day for the wreck. It was the opening of the Gnalic shipwreck exhibit in the Croatian Historical Museum. The entire team took a trip down to Zagreb where the museum is located for the opening. … Continue reading

Kota and FIlipe mid deco June 19th

A lot of work went into expanding and positioning the grid today. Matko and Irena first moved the grid so it lined up with the position of the grid from the previous year. A later dive added 8 more grid … Continue reading

Dive Schedule for June 19th June 18th: “Mind-numbing Work”

  The 18th continued like the days before: more lead ingot removal, more museum cataloguing. Along with the normal work, members of the team worked on removing some of the protective geotextile and expanding the grid for further excavation.     … Continue reading

Gnalić Monday, June 17

Non-diving day (weekly rest).  We worked on the site plan, made a 1/10 plan of the hull portion excavated in 2012, and re-measured the anchor that was removed from the site in the 1960s and is now at the door … Continue reading

Gnalić Sunday, June 16

Today we removed the geotextile from the previous year and assessed the preservation of the timbers exposed. We also assessed the state of the tags and the general condition of the area left from the excavation in 2012. The datum … Continue reading

Gnalić Saturday, June 15

Continuing the tagging and mapping of the site.  The first lead ingots of an accumulation resulting from the works in the 1970s were packed and relocated to be removed.

RPE_5118 Friday, June 14

The mapping of the site was started.  Continuing the 2012 photogrammetry work carried on by Pierre Drap, we have placed two lines marked every meter along the site and started tagging the exposed concretions and timbers exposed.  The site seems … Continue reading

Thursday, June 13

We met to discuss some details of the excavation and worked at the museum with the team that is inventorying the artifact collection.  

Wednesday, June 12

First dive on the site.  A new set of concrete mooring blocks was positioned and lowered in order to permit an easy and quick positioning of the boat supporting the excavation.

Tuesday, June 11

The work at the Homeland Museum of Biograd started immediately.  The quality and diversity of the artifacts raised in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s makes it worth revisiting the collection and attempting to reconstruct its history, provenience, and destiny. A … Continue reading

Monday, June 10

First day of the 2013 excavation season at Gnalić.  The first participants started arriving and preparing for an eight week campaign at the site of the Gnalić shipwreck, discovered by sport divers in the early 1960s and studied successively by … Continue reading

Preliminary Work

In late April a team of geologists from the Ruđer Bošković Institute’s Division for Marine and Environmental Research sampled the water column above the site, together with the sediments and living organisms in search of heavy metal levels.  The shipwreck … Continue reading

Gnalić 2013

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