Ronilačke igre 2014

Picture 1U organizaciji Dragorluxa u Šimunima na Pagu u razdoblju od 23. do 25. 5. 2014. godine biti će održane 2. ronilačke igre. Više o igrama možete saznati na stranicama igara.

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Otvoreni KUP Hrvatske u podvodnoj fotografiji

U organizaciji Hrvatskog ronilačkog saveza i ronilačkog kluba “Župa dubrovačka” od 13. do 15. rujna 2013. održan je Kup i otvoreni kup RH u podvodnoj fotografiji. Na natjecanju su sudjelovali i članovi Zadrona. Ostvaren je sljedeći uspjeh:
DSLR – Mirko Belošević – 4. mjesto
kompakt – Neven Pintarić – 3. mjesto
ekipno – 3. mjesto
Najbolju fotografiju (Best of show) natjecanja snimio je Mirko Belošević.

Većinu fotografija sa natjecanja možete pogledati ovdje.

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Zadarski list “Stakla za sultanov harem nikad nisu stigla do Carigrada”

A piece of some of the intricate glass work from the wreck. This used to be a glass goblet!

Gnalić 2013

Zadarski list – Gnalić je ove godine bio mjesto najveće podmorske istraživačke kampanje u hrvatskom podmorju, koja je potrajala puna dva mjeseca i angažirala sedamdeset i pet sudionika – Članak

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July 29th

Picture 2 The heavy focus underwater of the last week has been polishing off the site, cleaning the last of the sediment above some of the timbers, and excavating heavily in the area with the exposed hull. The exposed hull, A15/16 and Z15/16, proved very interesting. We had begun digging with the expectation of finding the bottom of the hull. But only a meter or two down, we hit bedrock. Further excavation in the area revealed that no turn of the bilge was present (where the side planking of the ship turns and meets the bottom surface).This has cleared up one mystery but served to confuse another area more. We thought of the timber in the area, like the ones in the above picture, was the hull reinforcing frames but that no longer seems to be the case.

Picture 18

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July 28th: We’re Back… From 1967.

Picture 9

Jerko discussing the excavation so far.

Picture 15

Our honored guest. Say cheese!






Picture 11

The new team all together

Picture 14

Jerko was welcomed very warmly by every member of the team. We were all in awe that we could have someone with his unique experience on the wreck join us, almost 50 years later no less.

Resuming our story on the 28th, we had a day off but were joined by some new members. Four new Germans arrived with Die Tauchbasis to replace those that left and we were graced with the presence of a very important older diver, Jerko Domančić. Jerko dove on the Gnalić wreck in 1967 when it was first excavated. He is the second diver of the old excavations to join our project and we are very very thankful and excited that they joined us. Today, however, was a relatively boring day on land.

Jerko really impressed us. He wasn't familiar with the new equipment used for diving these days, but his skill shone through very quickly and he was a more than able diver.

Jerko really impressed us. He wasn’t familiar with the new equipment used for diving these days, but his skill shone through very quickly and he was a more-than-able diver.

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